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What Is a Dog Day Care?

Dog day care is a short-term, in-home daycare service for dogs. Unlike kennel boarding, which requires the owner to leave their pet for several days, dog daycare places dogs in the care of trained professionals in an environment that is similar to a child’s regular daycare.

A  dog daycare louisville,ky business owner must consider the community in which he/she operates. Dog owners are part of a community, and they will want their pup to enjoy a safe and friendly place. Therefore, it is essential to develop relationships with three distinct communities: the pet community, the human community, and the business community.

As with any other type of business, dog daycares must be carefully supervised. Careful observation of dogs can help employees detect behavior problems before they lead to serious issues. In addition, they can work with clients to improve their dog’s behavior. Some dog daycares may require employees to become certified in first aid and CPR to protect clients and their dogs.

Dog daycares also give dogs lots of human interaction. Staff members interact with dogs throughout the day, guiding play and giving them treats during quiet times. Some daycares offer belly rubs, scratches behind the ears, and cuddles. Many dogs enjoy being around other dogs, but many are more content to relax at home. Dog daycares can also help prevent destructive behavior in the home, as dogs who are left alone can chew anything they can get their teeth on, causing serious damage.

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